Customized solutions for unique applications

Over the years, we have become very good at what we do. If we believe it can be done, we’ll give it a try!

Our process has allowed us to engineer our core product offering to a level of quality and innovation second to none in the industry. Because of our proprietary capabilities and expertise, we have been called on time and time again to veer away from our core product and develop a solution that suits a very specific need or market niche. We developed checkpoint devices for the U.S. Military. We created a first-of-its-kind signaling device to work with radiation portal monitors for imported cargo at seaports.

Some of these custom solutions have turned out so well that we see more of a regular demand for them in giving customers that extra level of value for their unique application. Here are a few of our favourites. Please contact our sales department for more information on customizing a solution for your unique application.


TTL37_large  TTS 3.7 – Telescopic Traffic Signal

Work zones can be congested. The nature of the work being done and a maze of construction equipment sometimes don’t allow for much space to properly control traffic. The TTS 3.7 is a light-weight, ultra-compact, programmable portable traffic signal, ideal for applications where space is a limitation. With a narrow footprint of 2 feet width, the TTS 3.7 can be used on narrow roadways, parking garages, and private applications that require quick deployment in tight spaces. The manual hand crank allows users to easily raise and lower the signal head and because of its compact design, can be transported in the back of a truck or van.


Night Illumination_EDIT_ROAD

LED Illumination

Are your crews working at night time? We understand that not only is visibility an important safety requirement in a work zone, oftentimes, it’s the law. We have developed a LED Illumination  which integrates seamlessly with our PTL 2.4x Portable Traffic Signal. No expensive light towers required to light up your work zone – just plug in, and let there be light!

NOTE – The LED Illumination is meant to operate as an attachment to our PTL2.4x. It cannot be used as an independent lighting source.


AWF 2.8 – Advanced Warning Flasher

Safety is and always has been our number one priority. Work zones can be dangerous and drivers need to be completely focused any time they approach one. The AWF 2.8 is designed to communicate with our other signaling devices and provide advance warning to drivers that they need to slow down for a work zone ahead. Reliable communication from our traffic lights provides a signal to the AWF which begins a warning flash pattern, triggering the motorist’s attention well in advance of the work zone. Click here to download brochure.


Portable Pedestrian Signal

Work zones can be hazardous to pedestrians. Our Portable Pedestrian Signal is a single–head warning device intended to interact with NAT’s portable traffic signals (PTL2.4x or RCF3.4). The Portable Pedestrian Signal provides familiar pedestrian symbols that indicate to pedestrians that it is safe to proceed. Suitable for intersections requiring pedestrian crosswalks or as a cross walk in the middle of a busy road where it wouldn’t be safe to cross without a signalized crossing. The Portable Pedestrian Signal operates with push button activation allowing pedestrians to request a walk signal following a programed clearance interval; it will help to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way on your projects or special events.