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Port Colborne, ON – The search for a new supplier of components for its line of solar-powered flashing beacons led North America Traffic Inc. to the signing of its exclusive Canadian distributor for the product, Electromega Ltd., of Candiac, QC.

Pascal Lamoureux, President of Electromega, says the two-way relationship between his company and North America Traffic Inc. reflects the strategic values of the firm, founded in 1974. “We are both a customer and a supplier to each other and this strengthens the bonds for our long term relationship.”

Electromega will now represent the North America Traffic flashing beacons, used to add visibility to safety signs and warning signs in school and hospital zones, crosswalks, busy intersections and hazardous sections of roadways. The solar-powered beacons are specially designed for reliable unattended operation in the harshest climates, including remote areas of northern Canada. Highly efficient solar arrays and battery packs allow continuous operation with no auxiliary power or servicing required. The beacons’ NEMA 4 polycarbonate housing ensures long-life protection from the elements in hot or cold climates.

Construction of the beacons includes LED modules supplied by Electromega. Pascal Lamoureux continues, “North America Traffic Inc. approached us when they were looking for a new source for one particular component. In our discussions, we learned that they are very open to working with us to modify their standard products to meet the special needs of our customers. Their willingness to work with us puts them right in line with the types of solutions we provide to cities and transport ministries and other public agencies across Canada.”

Peter Vieveen, the founder and President of North America Traffic, also sees more opportunity to grow with Electromega. “Working with Electromega, we are already looking at other applications for our beacons including a combination of grid and solar power for emergency service facilities. Electromega is such a highly respected name in traffic control. We look forward to more innovations in our product line based on their insight into customer needs.”

Both companies see further opportunities to expand their relationship with additional products from North America Traffic such as Portable Traffic Signals and the original RCF 2.4 Automated Flagger system. North America Traffic provides customized portable traffic solutions for a host of applications throughout North America, from public works projects to special events to military checkpoints.

Electromega provides customer service across Canada, with facilities in Surrey, Calgary and Oakville supporting its head office near Montreal. “As a traffic specialist, we remain a relatively small company that takes pride in reacting quickly to unique customer specifications,” says Pascal Lamoureux. “North America Traffic will only add to our flexibility. It’s a good mix.”

About Electromega Ltd.

Electromega is a leader in the dynamic and static transportation field across Canada in areas of traffic control systems (vehicle, transit and railroad),centralized traffic management system, data collection, detection systems (intrusive, non-intrusive and on-board), on street and off street parking systems, roadway security, dynamic or static LED message signs and also general LED lighting and luminaires.  Electromega provides its expertise, products and services to municipal, provincial and federal agencies, consultants, contractors and industries across Canada.

For additional information about Electromega product and services, please visit:

(450) 635-1020.

About North America Traffic Inc. 

North America Traffic was launched as R.C. Flagman in 1993 when Peter Vieveen built the world’s first Remote Controlled Flagman™ out of his garage. At the time, Mr. Vieveen was a Senior Estimator in the construction industry with over 25 years of construction experience. He understood the importance of reducing costs while increasing safety. North America Traffic now operates a full production facility, and its products have been used on over 3,000 projects across North America. Today, the company is the world leader in traffic control systems, with 8 different models of portable traffic signals, flashing beacons and flagging systems to meet all traffic control needs.

For more information please contact customer service:

Toll free: 1-877-352-4626 (USA and Canada)
Phone: 905-835-0800
Fax: 905-835-0453

North America Traffic Inc.
#7 Petersburg Circle 
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada, L3K 5V5 

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